Urgent Medical Care and Surgical Healthcare Services

Dunn Clinic is a multi-disciplinary health care clinic providing a variety of healthcare choices from specialists and healthcare professionals.

For over 30 years Dunn Chiropractic has been one of the most trusted names in Nashville. From the very beginning it has been our goal to provide quality patient focused healthcare along with delivering the latest services and treatment options for meeting basic medical needs, promoting wellness, and providing relief for short term or chronic pain.

Our team of medical providers are here to help you and your family achieve and maintain a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle so that all of you can enjoy the things that are really important.

Dunn Clinic can diagnose and treat a wide range of medical conditions.

If your symptoms or conditions are not listed you should contact us to find out if we can help.  Our focus is making sure you get to the right healthcare professional.

  • Sick Visits/Cold & Flu (body aches-cough-runny nose )

    Sick visits are same-day appointments for urgent medical concerns such as fever, diarrhoea, vomiting, and colds and flu. Often made for the same day you call the office to make an appointment.

  • Recurrent Cough / Bronchitis

    A cough that doesn’t go away can turn into a recurrent cough, particularly if it is a dry cough. A more mucous cough after a cold or a case of the flu can be bronchitis, which can be either acute – lasting for a short time, or chronic.

  • Skin disorders, Burns, Dermatology & Rashes

    Skin disorders can present as rashes, either acute or chronic, as well as a number of different lesions. Dermatology is the branch of medicine that deals with issues with the skin such as rashes, and offer different treatments for skin disorders.

  • Allergy Symptoms/Nasal Congestion

    A thick nasal discharge, sneezing, irritated eyes – these are symptoms of hay fever and pollen type allergies, as is nasal congestion – where your nose is blocked by mucous usually caused by allergies. Our service can provide treatment for these conditions

  • Headaches/Migraines

    A headache is a symptom of pain in the region of the head or neck. It can be caused by tension, come singularly or in clusters. Migraines are a severe headache with sharp throbbing pains. Migraines often require medications, darkness and rest to recover from.

  • Acid Reflux

    A burning sensation at the back of your throat, sharp acidic taste in your mouth? It sounds like acid reflux – the return of digestive acids into your mouth from your stomach. This can be chronic, making it difficult to lie down, or occasional – after a rich or spicy meal.

  • Strep Throat

    Strep throat is an infection of the throat and tonsils by the Streptococcal bacteria. Symptoms include fever, sore painful throat, chills and swollen lymph nodes. Untreated by antibiotics, Strep throat can cause heart and kidney problems.

  • Ear Aches / Ear Infections

    Most common in children, ear infections are inflammation and infection in the ear – most commonly the middle ear (the air filled space behind the ear drum). Easily treated with antibiotics, these ear infections can make lying down very painful, particularly for infants.

  • Bug bites / Stings / Tick Removal

    Stung by an insect? Bitten by a bug? Ticks causing a problem? It would pay to see your family physician to have the sting, or bite treated, and the tick removed if you are unable to do so yourself. Experienced health professionals will tend to your child as gently as possible.

  • Vertigo/Dizziness/ Motion Sickness

    Suffer from vertigo? Motion sickness or Dizziness? This can sometimes be a result of low blood pressure, low blood sugars, abnormal heart rhythm, or an infection deep within the an ear. Seeking assistance to manage the symptoms from your family physicians.

  • Shingles

    A painful blistering outbreak of the Zoster virus, the same virus that causes Chickenpox (Varicella Zoster), Shingles is often known as Herpes Zoster.  It can start with a tingling, burning pain under the skin, and is followed by a blistering rash. Some people can be left with what is known as “post-herpetic neuralgia” – ongoing pain after the rash has subsided.

  • Urinary tract infections

    Urinary Tract Infections, or UTIs, are an infection of the urinary tract. Symptoms include a burning, sharp sensation on urination, fever or chills, frequent and/or intense urge to urinate but only passing small amounts, cloudy or dark urine. Antibiotics can solve your UTI issues quickly if you visit the doctor as soon as you notice the symptoms.

  • Upper Respiratory Infections

    Upper respiratory infections are one of the most common reasons for doctors’ visits. Upper respiratory infections can be caused by bacteria or viruses and will usually run their course. Symptoms are similar to that of a cold, with coughing and sneezing, nasal discharge. Often contagious, good hand washing is a must to prevent the spread of respiratory illness.

  • Pink Eye / Eye irritations

    Pink eye, also known as conjunctivitis, is characterized by the reddening of conjunctiva of the eyes, purulent discharge from the affected eye and can be accompanied by other symptoms of an infection like congestion of sinuses and runny nose. It can be bacterial, viral or allergic. It can also be highly contagious so needs treating quickly with eye drops.

  • Allergy Symptoms/Nasal Congestion

    A thick nasal discharge, sneezing, irritated eyes – these are symptoms of hay fever and pollen type allergies, as is nasal congestion – where your nose is blocked by mucous usually caused by allergies. Our service can provide treatment for these conditions

  • Nausea/Vomiting/Diarrhea

    Nausea is the feeling you are going to be sick, or vomit. It often precedes vomiting, and is often the first sign that you are becoming unwell with a stomach virus. Vomiting and diarrhea often come together – the forceful explosion of stomach contents through the mouth, and liquid bowel motions – in the form of a stomach virus. Treatment includes avoiding other people, and keeping hydrated with water, and electrolyte drinks.

  • Ringworm/Psoriasis/Eczema

    Ringworm is a fungal infection that causes a circular red rash, and commonly appears on the scalp, trunk, arms, legs, feet and hands. This is treated easily with anti-fungal medications.  Psoriasis on the other hand is an auto-immune condition causing scaly, and itchy, and there is no cure for this condition. Eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis, is red, itchy, cracked skin and is a reaction to certain allergic triggers. Most common in childhood, it is often outgrown.

  • Falls / Sprains / Strains

    Muscles can be strained, twisted or sprained in the activities of daily life and enjoyment of sports, but also in falls. Often able to be treated with RICE – Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation – and the avoidance of mechanism that caused the initial injury for a period of a few weeks to allow the strained muscle heal. Doctors may be able to prescribe physiotherapy or pain relief to help.

  • Joint & Muscle Injuries

    Joint and Muscle Injuries are common in the sporting communities, where extra force may be applied from an incorrect ankle whilst competing against others, injuring the joint or muscle. Most injuries are treated with rest, and elevation, and some gentle physio. In the older population, joint injuries may become more common with an increase in the incidence of falls, and occasional result in a total joint replacement.

  • Sports Injuries

    Whilst the most common sports injuries are muscle aches, and sprains, occasionally other injuries can occur including broken bones, or repetitive usage injuries such as “tennis elbow” or “golfers elbow”. More often, injuries are caused by the high impact sports, and can range from minor to devastating. A visit to the doctor can source treatment of most of these injuries.

  • Abrasions / Wound Care

    So many things in the world around us can injure us – falls can cause abrasions to knees, hands, elbows. Sharp objects can cause open wounds, as can animal bites. Wound care is the practice of keeping a wound clean, by cleaning with saline, debriding any dead or infected skin, applying antibiotic creams if necessary, and covering with a sterile dressing to ensure that the wound remains clean.  Most Dr’s surgeries will provide this service.

  • Acute Pain

    Pain that lasts less than three to six months, or that is directly related to an injury, strain or acute illness such as appendicitis, is known as acute pain. Often sharp, and severe, it is acute pain that often prompts people to seek medical attention for their injury or illness. There are a number of medications that can be prescribed by a doctor to help treat acute pain.

  • Burns / Sunburns

    Red, painful skin after being out in the sun for a number of hours? Sounds like you have sunburn! Sunburn causes reddening of the skin, which can become painful for several days before the skin either flakes off or changes to a deeper skin tone. Burns, on the other hand, can be caused by a number of things such as boiling water, flames, steam, and can affect the upper and deeper layers of the skin. Often needing sterile dressings to treat without infection.

  • Adult Wellness Exams

    Visiting the doctor whilst well? It’s actually a really good idea. Adult Wellness Exams are an annual visit for a check of your general health, checking for any emerging chronic illnesses such as diabetes, or cancers that will respond to early detection and treatment. These exams also provide an opportunity for prevention of chronic illness through education.

  • College & School Physicals

    Most colleges, and a number of schools, require a physical examination of their students prior to enrollment and/or return to school after an extended break, in order to provide for their medical needs as a student of the school or college, as well as ensuring that the student is able to cope with the rigors of the students selected program, and/or immunization statuses.

  • Pregnancy Testing

    Hoping to get pregnant? Missed a menstrual period and unsure if you might be pregnant? Pregnancy tests are available at all doctors surgeries, and use a chemical reaction with the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin that a fertilized and implanted egg releases into the mother’s blood stream, and is filtered out by her kidneys into her urine to diagnose the condition of pregnancy – which can be both a blessing, and a shock to some unsuspecting soon to be parents!

  • Diabetes Screenings

    Diabetes is becoming a growing concern across the world in recent years. Type 2 Diabetes is often associated with obesity, whilst Type 1 Diabetes is a failure of the pancreas to produce insulin, and is often diagnosed in childhood. Diabetes checks can check on control of blood sugars, and any side effects that Diabetes of either type can have on the body – such as neuropathy (diminishing sensation), nephropathy (kidney damage), retinal issues (eyes), wound healing, and health risks and can keep any of these from becoming life threatening.

  • Weight Loss / Diet Modification

    Wanting to lose a bit of weight, or needing to modify your diet due to a newly diagnosed condition such as diabetes? Your family practitioner can help with these, by referring you to specialized services such as dietitians, or they may be able to discuss the different options with you themselves. Learn More About Weight Loss

  • Vitamin B & Lipo B injections

    Your local doctor may be able to offer Lip-B Injections, with Vitamin B12 and Lipotropic Amino acids that assist your liver in the removal of fat from within your liver. Check with the clinic nurse as to whether this is offered, and whether it would be right for you.

  • Pediatric Wellness Exams

    Children grow so quickly, it always pays to keep up with their Pediatric Wellness Exams. These exams check that your new baby is growing and developing at the same rate as other babies their age would do, developing new skills and behaviors. These checks can also detect problems early, so that early intervention services may be set up quickly, and give the child the best chance in live. They also provide reassurance to parents that their child is meeting their milestones.

  • Drug Testing / Employment Drug screens

    Employing staff in a high stress, high risk job that needs their utmost concentration? Have your prospective employees understand an employment drugs screen with your local doctor – able to detect the most commonly illicit substances quickly, and often able to be used in the court of law. Have peace of mind! Concerned your teen is smoking marijuana or speed? A non-employment drug test is also available.

  • Mineral Deficiency Testing

    A blood test can detect so many different things, from increased risk of heart disease, to a lack of energy provide vitamins such as Vit b12. If you are feeling under the weather, it may pay to discuss with your family doctor about having your blood and other bodily fluids tested for mineral deficiency.

  • Health & Blood Pressure Screening

    A healthy looking person can also be suffering from increased blood pressure, which can in turn affect the heart and cause it to pump harder. Health and blood pressure testing can be arranged at your local clinic, and monitors any health risks you may have over a period of time, avoiding long term side effects of these conditions.

  • Botox ( For Migraines & Cosmetic )

    Botox can be used to prevent and treat migraines or remove unwanted wrinkles and lines from your facial areas.

  • Mens Health/Hormone Evaluations

    Men have certain health needs, and conditions, that negatively affect them due to their sex. These health needs and conditions include prostate cancer, testicular cancer and other conditions that only affect men such as low testosterone. Hormone evaluations may be able to pick up prostate cancer before the lesion is large enough to feel, or affected urinary flow.

  • Smoking Cessation

    Smoking is declining throughout the world, so more and more young people have chosen not to begin to smoke. But not beginning to smoke, and giving up after becoming addicted to the nicotine in the cigarette is not easy. But there is help at hand, simply discuss smoking cessation with your family practitioner as to which smoking cessation tools is right for you.

  • Physical Exams

    Physical Exams are often used to check over a patient’s health in person, as well as pick up any new conditions, or conditions that may prevent you from obtaining or maintaining your employment such as TIAs, or mini-strokes. Many companies will insist on them prior to employment, and it may pay to have one annually to check for any changes to your health status.

  • Cholesterol Screenings

    Most physicals, such as employment, deployment, college or school, offer a screen of your cholesterol to ensure it is within a safe range for your age and body habitus. A high cholesterol may affect heart, liver, and kidney health, as well as contribute to fatal strokes. Your general physician will have a medication or two that will help to get rid of the cholesterol, and may suggest a diet.

  • Flu Vaccines

    Flu vaccination is incredibly helpful and important especially in high risk patients.  You should get the flue vaccine every year to prevent sever illness which in some cases can lead to death.

  • Diagnostic Testing

    Diagnostic testing includes scans, blood tests, MRIs, ultrasound. Diagnostic testing is testing that is in search of a diagnosis that is on the surface possibly difficult to find without assistance, or to confirm a suspicion of illness. Diagnostic tests provide more information to assess the patient’s current health status.

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