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The Chiropractors at Dunn Healthcare Center focus on overall chiropractic adjustments and wellness problems. It is one of only a few chiropractic clinics in Nashville to offer such a wide range of services, including wellness and preventative care, with the latest technology in chiropractic care.

The evidence based benefits of chiropractic sessions include (but not limited to); natural immunity boost, improvement in overall flexibility, better breathing ability, improvements in digestion, and improvement of the blood circulation resulting in the lowering of your blood pressure.

Chiropractic treatment is not only about relief for your immediate problem, but a way to help boost your body’s own natural healing process you will be amazed at what results can be achieved.

We are often asked which conditions are treated by chiropractic or the chiropractic conditions that we treat. The simple answer to that question is that chiropractic doesn’t treat conditions; it treats people.

However, years of experience and studies have shown that by relieving spinal nerve stresses and correcting the body’s structure (skeletal, muscular, and neurological) a variety of conditions are relieved. Many different symptoms can be helped at our chiropractic and wellness clinic, but these listed below are the most common.

If you do not see your particular condition listed, we encourage you to give us a call so we can personally address your specific concerns.

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Promoting Health and Wellness Through Chiropractic Medicine

Adjustments for General Back Pain

Back pain is a condition often linked to; muscle strain, bulging or ruptured disk, arthritis, skeletal irregularity, and osteoporosis.

Fortunately, one can minimize the frequency of this occurrences through proper body mechanics and self-care. If prevention and home-care fails, you will need to seek medical attention to help find a solution.

Fever, numbness, weakness of the legs, and weight loss are associated with this condition.

Pain in the Neck and Lower Back Pain

This condition may last from weeks to months. There is no specific cause for the disease, but a constant strain on the back, arthritis, and osteoporosis are testified to be the common causes.

Anyone is at risk of developing back pain. Old age, the overweight, improper mobility when weightlifting, diseases, and psychological conditions are common risk factors.

Practicing proper body mechanics can help solve this; however, contact a chiropractic specialist when the condition persists.

Chiropractor’s Help With Arm and Leg Pain

This is characterized by burning and shooting sensation radiating from tender points of the body. Occasionally, numbness and tingling limbs that even becomes worse in vigorously exercised muscles may accompany the pain.

According to research, blood vessel disorders, damage to the central or peripheral nervous system, and myofascial disorder are the leading causes.

When these causes coincide, seek medical intervention as it may signal a high underlying health risk.

A chiropractic specialist will help to alleviate and often free you of the problem.

Treatment of Headaches and Migraines

Pain of varying intensity characterize the condition. In most cases, it is accompanied by nausea and hypersensitivity to sound and light.

Often, migraine is triggered by hormonal change, a particular diet, exercise, and stress. This condition is usually self-diagnosable and may last for years.

Chiropractic is advised to prevent the development of the triggers.

Get Relief for Sciatica Pain and Symptoms

Sciatica is distinguished by pain radiating along the sciatic nerve. Sciatic nerve refers to the nerve that runs down both or one leg. It occurs when herniated spur in the spine or bone presses on the nerve.

Fortunately, this condition can be self-diagnosable and relieved within months of effective medication. However, when symptoms persist, chiropractic help is at hand.

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Don’t Continue to Suffer from Sciatic Nerve Irritation

The condition emanates inflammation or irritation of the sciatic nerve.

The irritation can be caused by adjacent bone, tumors, muscles, internal bleeding, and an infection in or around the lumbar spine.

Other causes are spondylolisthesis, injury, spinal stenosis, cauda equina syndrome, osteophyte (bone spurs), abnormal intervertebral disk and irritation during pregnancy.

It causes hip, buttock, lumbar, and leg pain that can make walking difficult. Specific examination such as CT scan, MRI scan, X-rays, and electromyogram can be used to diagnose the condition. Speak to us first.

Back Spasm Treatment for Fast Pain Relief

This condition manifests by a sensation of a firmly contracting or moving muscles and a dull or sharp pain moving within hips or legs. Poor posture, arthritis, strains, injuries, inflammations, and nerve damage are the underlying causes of a back spasm.

Pinched Nerve Requires Chiropractic Help

Pinched nerves occur due to disruption of nerve function due to the pressure applied to the nerves by the surrounding tissues such as bones cartilage, muscles, or tendons. The disturbance causes pain, numbness, and weakness in the areas supplied by the nerve.
Pinched nerves do not respond well to self-medication. Thus, one needs to seek chiropractic medical intervention. Outside factors such as arthritis, osteophyte (bone spurs), obesity are of great concern.

Through a holistic examination, we will determine the condition and the right manipulation needed.

Herniated or Bulging Disk Causing Pain

This condition presents through a rubbery disk between the spinal bones in the neck and lowers back due to disk degeneration. The symptoms of a herniated disc include; arm or leg pain, numbness, and weakness.

Diagnosis of this condition is through lab tests or imaging. Surgery may be done to avoid paralysis or permanent weakness. Fortunately, our care along with exercise, good posture, and maintaining a healthy weight has proven to reduce the problem dramatically.

Whiplash Symptoms and Treatment

Occurs due to sudden forces that may cause your neck to jerk backward or forward. The condition is known to afflict many professional and amateur athletes as well as car accident victims.

Whiplash distinguishes itself by tenderness, headache, and immense pain that limits your range of motion.

Speak to us about the correct course of treatment.

More Information
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Herniated or Bulging Disk Causing Pain

This condition presents through a rubbery disk between the spinal bones in the neck and lowers back due to disk degeneration. The symptoms of a herniated disc include; arm or leg pain, numbness, and weakness.

Diagnosis of this condition is through lab tests or imaging. Surgery may be done to avoid paralysis or permanent weakness. Fortunately, our care along with exercise, good posture, and maintaining a healthy weight has proven to reduce the problem dramatically.

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Pain and Discomfort Between the Shoulders

Also known as inter-scapular pain. The common causes include; overuse of your arm and shoulder. Repeated overhead activities such as serving a tennis ball, putting things on a high shelf, transporting a heavy backpack and poor posture when using a computer for long more often lead to the condition.

Prescribed use of painkillers such as ibuprofen can relieve the pain. However, after our treatment, good posture, and the correct use of seating will reduce any re-occurrence.

Carpal Tunnel and Other Pain in the Wrist and Hands

Wrist pain refers to a feeling of tingling and numbness in the hand and arm. Underlying health conditions, wrist anatomy, and hand use frequency are some of the proven factors contributing to wrist pain.

This condition requires medical diagnosis by a professional to prescribe an appropriate treatment. Speak to us at Dunn clinic and we will advise you on the correct treatment for your body.

Arm and Leg Pain Relief Through Chiropractic Adjustments

Arm-hand pain is as a result of injuries to compressed nerves, joint inflammation, and trauma. The condition is characterized by; difficulty straightening the arm, weakness, numbness, and tingling that is evidence of radial nerve damage.

Don't Continue to Suffer from Your Sports Injury

Sports injuries such as joint injury, inflammation of tendons, and rapture of ligaments are the most common types of sports injuries in our society today. If one does not consider taking precautions to the numerous causes, these conditions may be substantially disabling.

Physiotherapy and sports rehabilitation combined with chiropractic care andmassage therapy can have an amazing affect on your overall pain levels. Combine that with the right long term behavioral changes for best results. No matter what type of sports injury you sustained our team of medical professionals will come together and find the best treatment plan for your personal situation.

Health Care Useful Resources

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Past Auto Injury Causing You Pain? See a Chiropractor!

Auto injuries vary from whiplash to bone fractures. Dizziness, neck pain, headaches, shoulder, pain, and back pain are some of the evident personal injuries that you may encounter in daily activities.

Some of the auto injuries may be invisible. Thus, x-ray, CT scan, and MRI scan may be employed to examine the hidden injured body tissues.
In cases of accidents and severe injuries, expert examination and chiropractic manipulation is necessary for specialized treatment.

Temper the Affects of Fibromyalgia with Chiropractic Care

Fibromyalgia presents through rapid muscle tenderness and strain. Loss of sleep and memory, persistent fatigue, and mood may also accompany the condition. The situation may last for many years (chronic) and requires a comprehensive, holistic diagnosis.

Unlike Arthritis, fibromyalgia affects only soft tissues. Specific causes for these conditions are still under research, but risk factors such as traumatic injury and rheumatoid are of medical importance.

Arthritis Stenosis Pain Relief

This condition often causes joint inflammations, followed by pain and stiffness that is crippling. The most common types are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid, with different root causes, including wear and tear at the joints, infections, and underlying diseases.

Often, lab tests for blood, urine, and imaging may be required. Arthritis relief focuses on relieving symptoms and improving joint function. Manipulation take the pressure and irritation from the affected area.

Muscle Spasm and Muscle Fatigue

This is characterized by an abrupt painful sensation in the skeletal muscle that lasts for a short period. The condition can be due to overuse, dehydration, muscle fatigue, and electrolyte abnormalities.

Other causes may be due to excessive sweating, inadequate fluid intake, and illness. How can this be relieved? This condition can be quickly relieved by gently massaging and gentle stretching. Keep the muscle in stretch position until spasms stop.

For long term relief speak to us now.

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Old School Chiropractic Treatments

Chiropractic treatment of injuries has been around for a long time. It is a form of alternative medicine that deals with the detection of the musculoskeletal problem and applying the right manipulation. The main emphasis centers on ‘vertebral subluxation’ issues that affect the spine.

Musculoskeletal disorders affect general health through the nervous system via vertebral subluxation. The method mainly employs manual therapy, often spinal manipulation therapy.

Chiropractic Health Care Highlights

Modern Chiropractic Care

Modern chiropractic care emphasizes spinal care model and evidence-based. It involved the application of pressure to your spine and other parts of the body by qualified practitioners known as chiropractors.

The musculoskeletal manipulations aim at improving mechanical function and reduce pain. Chiropractors often focus on the spine and use massage, relaxation techniques, and heat or cold, depending on the condition. The professional perform prior tests such as imaging to ascertain the required treatment.

Gentle Chiropractic Adjustments

Gentle chiropractic is a technique that results in successful, natural healing for optimal health and living. This is done by addressing immediate issues and projected future healthy life and wellness goals.

The care also includes insights on spinal health and supportive movement strategies to improve lifestyle changes.
A blend of gentle chiropractic care, holistic therapists competent in natural health solution is key to quality treatment.

Chiropractic Health Care Highlights

Pediatric Chiropractic Health and Wellness

This is a type of chiropractic care done to babies to keep their body fully functioning even after a stressful birth process.

Chiropractors help fix musculoskeletal pain that may be robbing sleep to newborns. The birthing process subjects babies to misalignment of their spine, causing symptoms such as reflux, colic, constipation, torticollis, and more. Therefore, chiropractic is crucial for your baby, as it enhances digestion, energy, sleep, respiratory, and immune system functions.

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Temporomandibular joint and Muscle Disorder (TMJ Disorders)

These disorders are noticeable by severe pain and limited movement of the jaw joint and the surrounding muscles. This disorder is an attribute to jaw or teeth injury. The disease can cause hearing impairment. The mouth and face may swell.

Scoliosis Symptoms and Chiropractic Treatment

This refers to sideways bending of the spine that occurs more often during growth period before puberty. The condition may be due to muscular dystrophy and cerebral palsy.

Symptoms of scoliosis may include; uneven shoulder heights, arm length, prominent shoulder blade, and rare hip position. As much as this condition is known to be incurable, chiropractic treatments, complementary therapies and physical exercise are ideal for helping suppress the symptoms.

Other conditions not covered here

Chiropractic treatments are successful with all structural (skeletal, muscular and neurological) conditions. Our skilled professionals can assist with the best course of action and treatment no matter what your issue.

If your condition is not listed above, contact us for a consultation, and we will find the best solution for you.

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