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Physiotherapy and Sports Rehabilitation:

Physiotherapy is a discipline requiring specific study in both medical and exercise based treatment. Physiotherapists assist people in restoring mobility, function, and alleviating pain, where these are present from an injury, misuse, or chronic illness.

Sports rehabilitation is a specialized treatment for physical rehabilitation caused by sports injuries, or to enhance recovery and resumption of sporting activities following illness or injury. A spchiropractorecially trained physiotherapist or chiropractor, a sports medicine practitioner, or someone who is educated specifically in sports therapy may provide services in sports rehabilitation.

What are the Differences Between Sports Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy?

While physiotherapy is suitable for all patients, aiming to restore function in everyday life, sports therapy is specifically catering for those who require peak physical performance for regular physical activity.

A physiotherapist has a broad medical background, including the study of a wide range of physical conditions or chronic diseases that affect mobility.

A sports therapist has a better knowledge of specific exercise programs that repair and strengthen the musculoskeletal system for resuming intense physical activity. They are also trained in specific demands of high-intensity physical activity, and common injuries that result from regular high-performance physical training.

Where physical therapy caters for rehabilitation, alleviating pain, and return to everyday life, sports therapy aims to help those with special physical demands regain full health and resume activities requiring high-level performance.

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When to see a Physical Therapist or Sports Therapist

Anyone with mobility issues, having suffered physical trauma to the musculoskeletal or nervous system, or with persistent pain under movement needs to see a physical therapist. Simple exercises, massage, and other physical treatments can help restore mobility and relieve pain.

Sports professionals, people who are very physically active in work or hobbies, or where an injury has been a result of exercise are more suited to see a sports therapist. In some cases, an injury may need consultation, first with a physiotherapist to get back to normal function, and thereafter, on completion of sports rehabilitation work to return to peak physical condition.

Techniques used in Physical Therapy

Physical therapy will include a variety of techniques that are based on physiology to return muscles, nerves, bones, and joints to their fully functional everyday use. Techniques used may include:
  • Gentle exercises, which are often similar to Pilates or yoga
  • Stretching and strengthening techniques, which may involve light weights, spring or elastic tension, and exercise balls. In some cases inversion and decompression equipment may be used
  • Joint mobilization or joint manipulation
  • Massage therapy
  • Electric muscle stimulation
  • Heat therapy to soften muscles and improve movement
  • Postural and gait re-education to deter future injury
  • Biomechanical analysis and balance exercises for correcting movement techniques
  • Tremor control techniques
  • Pressure point and dry needling
  • Pulmonary and cardiovascular massage
  • Lifestyle and nutrition advice

Techniques Used in Sports Rehabilitation

Techniques used in sports rehabilitation are designed for the effective resumption of sporting activities and return to peak condition. Techniques may also include physical and psychological recovery and compensation after a permanent loss of mobility.
  • Functional activities to resume performance training
  • Physical response monitoring for regaining aerobic fitness
  • Injury-specific rehabilitation strength training and exercises
  • Sports or activity specific exercises and training
  • Bracing, taping, and strapping
  • Plyometric and aerobic therapies
  • Kinesthetic awareness and proprioceptive training
  • Muscle reconditioning and strengthening
  • Performance enhancement programs
  • Counseling for peak performance or to cope with loss
  • Retraining for a disability
  • Preventative strategy training and education

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