Hydration Packages and Injectables

Over Indulgence Packages

“Gentle fluid hydration for the over indulgent. Gently hydrates while treating the nausea, headache and bodyaches of the overindulegent while helping them feel like themselves again.”
“For both pre and post performance. Whether for an upcoming event or resuscitation post event, the athlectic hydration is a must. Gives gentle hydration with high dose vitamins and amino acids for successful revovery.”


Basic Hydration for the athlete


"Step it up" Hydration for the Athlete

“Gentle hydration that promotes a sense of well being and vitality by delivering High dose vitamins, revitalizing you from the stress of every day life”
“the most common cause of delayed recovery from cold or flu is dehydration which can ultimately worsen the symptoms and extend the illness. Thus why we have decided to offer gentle hydration with supportive therapy with the intent to decrease the duration and alleviate the severity of your symptoms”

Travel / Jet Lag Package - $155.00

“For the traveler that wants to feel refreshed after a long trip” This package contains:

Additional IV and Injectablesd:

High Dose MVI Cocktail + 1Liter IV Fluids
(Myers Cocktail)
Headache Cocktail with non-opiate pain medication and anti-nausea medication, magnesium with 1 Liter IV Fluid $115.00
Toradol (None opiate pain med) IV/IM Inj $20/$40
Pepcid IV $20.00
Benadry IV / IM Inj $25.00
Zofran 4mg (antinausea med) IV/IM Inj $20.00
Decadron (steroid) IV/IM Inj $20.00
Vitamin C IV/IM Inj $40.00
Vitamin B 12 IM/IV Inj $25.00
Vitamin B-complex IM Inj $25.00
Zinc IV Inj $20.00
Magnesium IV $20.00
Vitamin D3 IM $30.00
Amino Acids IV $20.00
** IM referes to intramuscular Injection




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