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Blogs are one of the best ways to find more information about a particular niche. Through these blogs, an interested individual can keep up with the current trends of the relevant subject and seek tips for building and promoting their own business.

In this guide, we have pulled together 19 massage and massage therapy blogs you should follow to become a maestro in your chosen field.

The American Massage Therapy Association
The American Massage Therapy Association or the AMTA is the ultimate source for massage therapists, aspiring masseuse, and massage schools. The AMTA is a non-profit organization that commits to helping fellow massage therapists find more information about regulations, massage learning centers, and even opportunities.

The Daily Zeel

The Daily Zeel is a blog super helpful for those looking for a massage therapist in the USA. The blog contains numerous content that is aimed to educate readers on ways to enhance wellness in their life, along with self-care tips and varying massage techniques.

The Zeel blog also features an extensive network of a massage therapist that you can connect with through their ‘massage on demand’ service. The massage therapists, part of Zeel’s team, are highly experienced, licensed, and carefully vetted for quality, reliability, and safety.

Reddit – Massage

Reddit is an online discussion forum on anything and everything – including the topic of massage. Here you can find answers to any query regarding massage therapy from the other members of the community who respond based on their experience and knowledge.

Lucas Massage Therapy

Lucas Hovorka of UK, who is an experienced sports massage therapist, manages the blog. Through the blog, Lucas offers ‘massage-based’ treatments for various ailments along with aftercare tips to promote healing.

Kate Codrington Blog

For massages correlated with the health of women – Kate Codrington’s blog is the best choice. In her blog, Kate aims to educate women on how massages can be beneficial during different life stages, including pregnancy, menopause, menstrual cycle, etc.

Thai Massage Blog

As the name implies, the Thai Massage Blog is dedicated to the wonderful art of massages sourced from Thailand. Besides listing the benefits of this type of massage, the website offers a wide range of online training programs catering to both – the novice and the experienced massage therapists.

Busy Hive

Two UK-based massage therapists who felt that the professionals and the students associated with the niche lacked the right resources to enhance their skills created the Busy Hive community blog. Through their website, the students and the professionals can connect and share knowledge, inspiration, and helpful content.

Aspen Massage Institute

Aspen Massage Institute offers training programs to interested students in Colorado. The institute boasts a highly experienced teaching staff and an adequate teacher to student ratio (2 instructors per class of 12 students) to ensure maximum attention for a successful outcome.

Massage Nerd

Massage Nerd is a vlog containing over 3,500 massage videos. It is one of the largest YouTube channels in the massage niche and a helpful resource for massage therapists to improve their techniques.

Mueller Orthopedic and Medical Massage LLC

Apart from providing the readers with useful content regarding massage therapy and holistic approach, the Mueller Orthopedic and Medical Massage LLC allows users to book their next appointment easily through the website. Mueller’s specializes in injury rehabilitation massages and has varying packages according to age groups, budget, gender, and of course, requirements.

Head 2 Toe Massage Therapy in Rangiora, North Canterbury

The New Zealand-based massage therapy center is popular for offering different types of massages including Swedish; hot stone massage, sports therapy, Indian massage, pregnancy massage, and much more.

Alaska Institute

Located in Anchorage, Alaska – the Institute provides a platform to students and instructors where they can find more information about massage techniques and improve their skills. The blog includes content on various ailments and how they can be rectified using the power of a holistic approach.

Learn Massage

Want to learn new massage techniques without going to classes? Try the Learn Massage YouTube channel where aspiring massage therapists can get an insight into the new trends and techniques.

Brandon Raynor’s Massage and Natural Therapies School

With over 18 years of experience, Brandon Raynor’s Massage and Natural Therapies School is the world-leader when it comes to high-quality massage courses. Brandon Raynor himself is an internationally reclaimed Neuropath and Massage therapist popular for his holistic healing techniques. A YouTube channel by Brandon is also available where he shares videos of the different styles.

Pure Knead Massage

For those based in Phoenix and San Diego areas, the Pure Knead massage service provides therapists at home, office, event, or even hotel within an hour. Specialists in all kinds of massages, the Pure Knead Massage has a team of therapists who excel in expertise, qualifications, and reliability.

Fire and Earth Sports Massage

Fire and Earth is a leading massage provider based in Coventry, Solihull and Warwick, UK area. Their expertise includes sports massages, and they deal in all kinds of healing therapies to treat your unique condition and injury.

Cambridge Sports Massage

Cambridge Sports Massage Center is a well-reputed therapy facility, located at Cambridge UK. Apart from sports massages, injury treatment rehabs, and soft tissue therapy, the Cambridge Massage center also deals in posture correction massage as well.

Story Massage

The Story Massage is a brainchild of two-massage therapists who aimed to share their knowledge of respectful and positive touch with children and adults alike. The duo provides frequent in-house training to help teachers, counselors, social worker, and even parents utilize the power of touch through interactive storytelling sessions and massage strokes.

Rebel Massage Therapist

The Rebel Massage Therapist is another blog targeted for novice and experienced massage therapist. Through the feature, the readers can find out more about the benefits of massage and the latest tools and techniques of the industry.

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