At some point of our lives we all suffer from back pain, aches, and muscle strain. So, after suffering from multiple episodes of cramps and aches myself, that were so frequent that a regular massage was no longer good enough for the job, a good friend suggested a chiropractic session to see if it helps. And since I had so much pain to deal with I just jumped at the chance (though not a little uncomfortably of course).
After all, lots of reviews and testimonies I’ve come across while researching the best chiropractic, say that just a session or two can really help to improve overall well-being … kind of like putting a reset back into their body … get you back on track.
And now, here I am looking forward to starting a chiropractic session that I had booked a couple of days ago, at the Dunn Chiropractic Clinic, in Nashville.

What Is Chiropractic?

Let’s get to the basics (go skip Ahead if you already know): chiropractic is a hands-on manipulation, targeted at the spine area, with the premise that proper alignment of the spine enables the body to heal without relying on medication and surgery or at least drastically reduces the need. The routine is applied to restore (as well as increase) mobility and provide pain relief to the joints that are restricted caused by injuries.
The word Chiropractic is actually Greek for Done By Hand.
As the nervous system in the spine area controls each part and organ of your body, restoring and adjusting the alignment of the spine back to its position will cause healing benefits to the rest of your body.
Sounds similar to a massage therapy session, albeit … chiropractic (to me) is targeted at a deeper level, in the spine area.
As the practice uses a physical approach to the patient, chiropractic is also considered by many medical professionals as a complementary medicine that works along with mainstream medicine for a holistic treatment.

How Chiropractic Treatments Work

Maybe, like me, you had the fear of God put into you by those viral videos of gruesome looking chiropractic sessions shown on YouTube. Chiropractic sessions that always (sensationally) result in terrible sounds of cracking bones and squirming victims (sorry … I mean patients).
Rest assured, that’s just for entertainment proposes. Patients safety is one of the aspects that chiropractic practitioners take very seriously. It is uppermost in their minds.
Chiropractic treatments work by applying pressure and compression to the body and adjusting the joints back to the correct position, for the benefits mentioned above. The finer details of the treatment depend on the issue and the area being worked on.
So, if you have issues such as spine misalignment (due to a slipped disk or any other trauma to the disk), overall spine misaligning due to prolonged of bad posture (especially for anyone working at the desk in 9-5 job), inflammation issues from not-so-good general health (lack of sleep, stress, and poor diet), or pulling one of the muscles that can in return pull one of the vertebrae out of place; you definitely need a chiropractic session.
The benefits of getting a session or two of chiropractic extend far beyond the simple realignment of the spine back into its proper setting.

What Were The Benefits Of Chiropractic Care For Me?

I’ll start with the obvious. While chiropractic adjustments are proven to be very beneficial for aches and pain (lower back pain and headaches – who didn’t guess this?), it has also been proven in studies that people with existing injuries having a few sessions of chiropractic adjustments produced a faster recovery rate compared with those that stuck to a more usual course of treatments such as medications and physiotherapy. Which means, quicker healing from pain and strain!
As the treatment involves the spine, chiropractic care improves and boost your immune system. The immune system’s pathways are traced back to the main ‘headquarters’ that is the central nervous system (located on the spine), chiropractic treatment removes any stagnant circulation/pathways that block the immune system to communicate smoothly with the central line. Clear pathway equals speedy response, which equals speedy healing, resulting in fewer problems in the future.
And unexpectedly, getting a chiropractic treatment can improve and boost your digestion system, as the nerves governing the system also start from the spine.
As the spine is realigned, the nerves can begin to stimulate your digestion to start repairing and heal thoroughly – resulting in purging out excess gas, restoring gut balance, as well as healing any damages resulting from excess acid in the stomach (especially if you have GERD or digestion-related issues).
The overall cost of chiropractic treatment is pretty much lower compared to relying solely on physiotherapy care and medications for the pain. So, if you want an intensive approach to the pains you’re having and want to save some money too, chiropractic care is the way to go.

The Verdict Of Chiropractic Treatment

Certainly, my chiropractic session was so beneficial that I am a chiropractic convert! The whole procedure is designed with safety in mind, so it’s very unlikely that our fears of accidental cracking will happen.
What’s more is that I am getting nothing but professionalism from this particular center. The chiropractor assigned to me was thorough and accommodating during the visit. Since I’ve mentioned this is my first time, she explained each step of the treatment along the way, so I know what’s going on (anticipating the bones to make the cracking sound is more nerve-wracking than any real discomfort felt I assure you).
So far, so good. The whole session took less than an hour, and I went out the door feeling rejuvenated.
The doctor also advised me on the proper care to ensure that I will not suffer more of the chronic back and neck pain, that includes a good posture in all activities, healthy diet with lots of water and extra pillows for support during sleep.
The whole chiropractic session went as smoothly as I had hoped, just as smooth as my spine that’s now been realigned.
I’m sure a session or two can be beneficial for you and I highly recommend that you book a session.

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